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The Game-Changing Weight Loss Peptide: Tesofensine

Tesofensine is the newest game-changing peptide for weight loss! As a serotonin-noradrenaline-dopamine reuptake inhibitor, tesofensine works at the level of the brain by suppressing appetite and increased resting energy expenditure (your basal metabolic rate). In a previous study examining tesofensine’s efficacy in treating obesity, researchers found that participants achieved all endpoint goals, including an overall 5-10% reduction in baseline body weight and a reduction in BMI. Waist and hip circumference, body fat, and visceral body fat were also reduced in comparison to those receiving the placebo.

Why Would You Want to Use Tesofensine?

● Helps with weight loss – use over a 6-month period has been shown to cause a significant reduction in weight
● Neuroprotective – beneficial effects on cognition, particularly in learning and memory
● Antidepressant effects – increased availability of dopamine in the brain has been shown to increase BDNF levels
● Improved levels of insulin sensitivity – a potential benefit for patients at risk from Type II diabetes
● Helps to increase energy expenditure by almost 6%
● Reduction in appetite with longer periods of satiety and reduced desire to eat
● Significant increase in fat oxidation and reduction in fat tissue


What You Need to Know Combined with an effective diet, the use of Tesofensine is comparable to gastric surgery and can result in similar weight reduction seen in such surgeries!


Tesofensine is effective and safe as a long-term treatment to help sustain weight loss over time.


Patient Benefits
● Targets Obesity and enhances the body composition
● Type II Diabetes
● Helps with depression
● Effective fat reduction

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